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DWP offers £800 loans for cost of living as repayment time to Struggling households.

Free cash transfers will be given to West Berkshire households; a single household will receive £150, a household with two children would receive £250, and a household with more than one kid will receive £300.

Thousands of low-income households are eligible to receive up to £300 in cost of living allowances.

The government's Household Support Fund programme provides the support payments. This has given local councils large sums of money, which they utilise to specifically assist the households that are having the greatest difficulty paying for living expenses. The assistance that each council provides differs.

To assist with the growing expenses, West Berkshire Council is offering free cash distributions to its citizens, with varying amounts designated for various categories. On its website, it states that a single home might receive £150, households with up to two children could receive £250, and households with more children could receive £300. According to West Berkshire Council, homes that did not get any other government assistance would be given precedence, and you are not required to repay the money.

You can make an application for the cost of living payments through West Berkshire Council's website here and to make one you will need to provide the following information:


  •  Household income and expenditure

  •  One full month's bank statement for all accounts

  •  Confirmation of any savings

  •  Recent utility bill or evidence of a West Berkshire Address

The number of children in the household must also be verified if you are asking for a family household payment; you can do this by using your Child Benefit or Universal Credit claims. In addition, you can bolster your claim with a copy of a utility bill—such as one for water or energy. West Berkshire Council notified you that failing to provide these papers will prevent your application from moving forward.

In the most recent spring budget, the government extended the Household Support Fund programme to September 2024. You won't be able to receive this assistance if you don't live in West Berkshire Council, but your local council will provide assistance of its own.

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