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People offered £100 supermarket voucher to buy food by Kent council over cost of living crisis

It's been a tough year financially with surging prices in supermarkets, eye-watering petrol costs, mammoth mortgage hikes and rocketing gas and energy bills.

While experts say inflation will fall sharply, the cost of living crisis continues to bite for many families struggling to make ends meet.

Kent County Council is now offering residents the chance to receive a £100 voucher to be used for food at a selection of supermarkets.

The scheme is available for families who receive means tested benefits or households who have an income before tax of less than £40,000 and applications must go through the local authority.

Struggling residents can claim a one-off £100 food voucher this summer as part of a scheme to counter the cost-of-living crisis.

The government initiative will finish on September 14 or if the money runs out before that date.

The Household Support Fund, run by Kent County Council (KCC), is aimed at people in need but who have not been eligible for other recent government support.

Families who receive free school meals are not eligible to apply as they are issued with a voucher by their child’s school.

Help organisations such as Citizen Advice, NHS trusts and housing associations are also referring people into the scheme.

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