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Our Core Values…

Community. Compassion. Leadership. Service. Integrity.

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Ebony Elevated offers Life and Business Coaching, for BME and other minorities, Black Women Membership Group for social activities and support during the cost-of-living crisis.

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Our Mission

Is to create a safe space for Black women, and change the narrative about how Black women interact with one another. We are a modern day social club determined to bring back the art of face to face communication, away from our phones, and off of the internet. We’re tackling mental, physical, and emotional health as a community, while building amazing relationships. We are looking to fill a void for Black women in cities worldwide. Our mission is really quite simple-we want to impact the lives of Black women through social interaction, so that they might be happy, healthy and whole.

Our Vision

Is to foster an inclusive International network of Black women who understand sisterhood, community, and collaboration. We are looking to cultivate relationships and connections that are impactful, while producing work that is equally impactful. We seek to change the narrative about what it looks like when Black women come together. We want to be able to do all of these things while maintaining integrity, dignity, and structure within our organization as a whole.


Step into your authentic power 

Own your worth, overcome your fears and take control of your life

As a certified Life Coach, I am passionate about people realizing their full potential.

I have always had a passion and desire to help people reach their full potential and discovered coaching as a means to fulfill that dream. I've always struggled with making healthy choices and being happy in my body.  I've let stress and emotions be an excuse for my food crutches.

I've watched years pass by while my dreams collected dust in the attic of my mind.

Until now.

Although my life has been like a book, with many different chapters that have led me to this point, I wouldn’t change a thing. It has provided me with a unique set of skills, insights, and understanding which has fueled my desire to help others. I firmly believe everyone has the opportunity to reset and redefine what they want in life. Maybe, just maybe, reading this, you want to write the next chapter of your life. I can help you do this!

Whether you are looking to lose weight, or just live an overall healthier life, click Book Now below to schedule a one-on-one Discovery Call to see how I can help you!

You will get a 30-minute call designed to help determine your goals and a road map to reach them. Even if you go your own way after the call you will walk away with a plan.  What do you have to lose?

If you feel ready to get to the root cause of a current illness, life problem, or emotional challenge and want to significantly shift your life experience for the better, click below to book your session.

Click Book Now.

You know you want to!




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