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DWP set to fine UK households £50 in cruel cost of living blow

The Department for Work and Pensions is set to fine UK households £50 if they fall foul of claimant rules. The DWP has warned millions of people who claim benefits from the government they could be at risk of eye-watering £50 fines amid the ongoing Cost of Living crisis.


Government advice warns anyone who claims such benefits could be fined £50 if they fail to let the authorities know of a change in circumstances. This includes things such as having a baby, or getting a divorce, the DWP outlines on its website in the regulations and rules.

If you do not report a change you might be paid too much. If you are, you might have to pay some of the money back - as well as a £50 penalty. If the government and DWP believes you deliberately did not report changes, you could be prosecuted for benefit fraud, it says.

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