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New research has found those with Afro hair pay more, travel further and wait longer at Salons.

New research released in conjunction with World Afro Day has found that those with Afro hair are forced to pay more, travel further and wait longer for salon appointments than other hair types, with a fifth experiencing discrimination during a hair salon service in the past. This is according to a new study, which surveyed an ethnically diverse group of 2,113 UK residents on their experiences with hair stylists and barbers.

It found that those with Type 4 (Afro) hair – largely considered the curl pattern of Black people - pay on average 43% more for the same service as someone with Type 1 (Straight) hair.

An appointment that includes cutting, styling, colour, and a treatment typically costs £156.94 for someone with straight hair and £225.13 for an individual with Afro hair – a difference of £68.19.

Based on an average of three hair appointments a year, this equates to a difference of £204.57 annually or £12,683.34 over the course of an adult lifetime.

In addition, the research found that people with Type 4 hair must travel twice as far to get their hair done than people with Type 1 hair, highlighting a huge and stark disparity in service offerings. On average, people with Afro hair types travel 17.4 miles compared with 8.9 miles for those with straight hair types.

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